Large Format Display

Benefits Beyond Features

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising, menus, television programming and other messages.


Why LFD for Digital Signage?

LFD (Large Format Display) is the high-quality-graded and specialized panel designed to be equipped with high reliability and readability for various usage in the public environments

 Consumer Displays (TV) VS Commercial Displays (LFD)
  • Built to run 6 to 8 hours per day, with limited cooling onboard.
  • Built for use as a television, primarily focused on TV broadcast signal.
  • Focus on HDMI connectors, limited availability of other input
  • types.
  • Typically no RS232 control. If it is present, generally it’s limited
  • to on/off and change input sources
  • No availability of portrait modes
  • No IR and button lock
  • Standard home media player
  • Limited warranty
  • Built to run from 16/7 to 24/7/365 hours per day
  • More rugged chassis construction
  • Better cooling for a longer MTBF
  • Full RS-232 and RJ-45 control
  • Portrait mode capability
  • IR, remote and button lock
  • Video signal looping capability
  • Integrated digital signage platform
  • Add on PC module options
  • 3 years onsite warranty support
  • Extended warranty for spare parts


Easy to Manage

  • Samsung MDC (Multiple Display Control) protocol is Samsung’s RS232 control system, and free software.
  • Very useful to control multiple screens simultaneously.
  • Each display has a built in RS232 input (DB9 or stereo mini plug), or can accept RS232 commands over LAN.


Minimalize Down Time

  • Samsung LFD displays feature an Automatic Source Switching.
  • Each display can be set with a primary and secondary source.
  • When the primary source no longer sends a signal to the display, it will automatically switch to the configured secondary source input.


Built-in Video Wall Capability

  • Samsung commercial LFDs feature a built in videowall processor for multi-display configurations.
  • This integrated processor can utilize either the built in daisy-chain (on compatible monitors) or an external signal source such as a distribution amplifier or matrix switch.
  • Either method feeds the same video to each display in the matrix.
  • The displays are configured in the on screen display (OSD) setting the size of the wall, and the display’s location in the wall matrix.
  • This allows the processor to select and display the correct portion of the incoming video.
  • The wall will then extend the video (up to 1080P) across the entire matrix.
  • This is best used for configurations that match the display’s aspect ratio, such as 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. to maintain proper aspect ratio.
  • Applicable Models : ME Series, PE Series, UE Series, UD Series


Service and Warranties

  • Three Year On Site Warranty. Samsung professional LCD displays come with a three-year parts and labor warranty. It includes on-site repair or exchange.
  • Extended Warranty. Samsung can extend your warranty period for either a one or two year period for an additional cost. You’ll enjoy Samsung protection for up to five years.
  • Dedicated Hotline Number.
    • Samsung Electronics Indonesia have a dedicated Hotline Number to support enterprise customers.
    • The number is 021-56997851 available 24/7; or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.