Taxiway Lighting, Fixtures Products and Apron

LED Lights

LETG – Elevated LED Runway Guard Light

LITG – LED Inset Runway Guard Light

LETE – LED Elevated Taxiway Edge Light

LITC – LED Inset Taxiway Centreline, Stop Bar and Intermediate Holding Position Light

LITS – LED Inset Stop Bar Light

LITE – LED Inset Taxiway Edge Light



Halogen Lights

TCL – Traffic Control Light

RGL – Elevated Runway Guard Light

TWOF – Inset Taxiway Edge Light

TWSBF – Inset Stop Bar Light

TWGLF – Inset Runway Guard Light

TWCS – Inset Taxiway Centerline and Stop Bar Light

TWCD – Inset Taxiway Centreline and Stop Bar Light

VC30 – Elevated Taxiway Edge



LIMS – LED Luminous Guidance Sign Single Face

LRK – Retrofit Kit IGS Signs

LIGS – LED Luminous Guidance Signs

HIGS – Incandescent Luminous Guidance Signs

IGS – Fluorescent Luminous Guidance Signs




TITAN 160 – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 220 – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 320 – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 320HH – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 420 – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 420HH – Apron Flood Lighting

TITAN 720 – Apron Flood Lighting



Other Products

SO – Low Intensity Obstruction Light

MV – Wind Cone